BLIZZARD Ban Heartstone Pro for Dare Speaking Out in Support!!

Blizzard have made the decision to suspend a Pro Hearthstone player for 12 months and take away his earnings for speaking out in support for the people of Hong Kong!! (merch shop) (Live Streaming) (Twitter)


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42 thoughts on “BLIZZARD Ban Heartstone Pro for Dare Speaking Out in Support!!

  1. It’s sad how Blizzard of all people will do something like this… I wanna say that I can’t find the words, but bottom line is, I love WoW, and wanna keep playing it with good concience. Now I’m not so sure I really can. It’s horrendous!

  2. I've not been keeping up with the news? He gets the ban because he gave a press conference in regards of the Hong Kong issue?

  3. Blizzcon is going to be VERY painful for Blizzard… Thank god I left WoW all those years ago. Free HongKong.. There Blizzard.. Free Speech Is aloud OUTSIDE China.

  4. Blizzard is NOT the only social media company enforcing rules of speech from other countries onto the US populace.

  5. They had a rule, call it vague or anything but when he did talk about the problem he knew he would step on a dangerous path and he got punished, why is it that people forget that this is the reason why there are rules on public streams/shows, if you want to protest/promote do it on your own show, dont use a global, multi million dollar company with sponsors from all around the world for your ideeas. The player could be right/wrong, irrelevant at this point but this isnt fair and allowed. We live in the butt-hurt generation with 67 genders and 9k religions such as spaghetti monsters, we like to get attention and promote stupid shit when we can reach to a lot of people with ease(ex "using" others streams).

    Dont get me wrong, I'm all for human rights,anti hunger and pro nature preservation but some things…just shouldn't be said or done. The rules are there, they are fair either way (not pro dictators or pro population, just in a state of limbo in which you shouldnt bring up a sensitive subject).

    Conclusion, it would be unfair to curse blizz for this when the player started all this mess.PEACE!

  6. set a protest sign — just delete your accounts — at least on of your two or three — at least for a month or two…

  7. Un-Subscribed from Everything Blizzard and Activision.
    Shame, too…   I was really enjoying Classic.

  8. It's sad that a company that was created using the freedom of creativity that millions died for, is now being used to appease those who oppose freedom of creativity…………….like what the actual fuck humanity?.

  9. I support Blizzards decision here because his actions took place on air at an invitation only event while he was in official capacity representing Blizzard. If he had done it on his personal account and they took these actions I would stand with the masses upset at Blizzards actions.

  10. Anyone else not able to watch any of the the videos about blizzard? I can get just 18 seconds in then it locks up but just on the blizzard videos none of his other one.

  11. Crying about Free speech, while Youtube will demontise you for "bad words" yet, people care about this more than their rights.

  12. He broke the rules. Rules were in place and he broke them. Breaking them has consequences. Not sure why everyone is freaking out and making a big deal about this

  13. "damages blizzards reputation" So they should ban activision and everyone in charge of handling PR at blizz, good we agree!

  14. I didn’t start with Warcraft but my first blizzard experience was diablo 1 and 2, I can’t even believe what this company has become. I quit WoW in Cata, didn’t come back until bfa but then only last a few months until I was bored to tears.. the game is just a hollow empty shell of its former self. I will continue to play a tbc private server because that’s my favorite version of the game but, unless they make some serious changes, neither of these companies are getting my money again.

  15. China is the problem, not Blizzard…that boy didn’t had to do is..he knew that he will cause sad

  16. Obama sold the internet, and allowing china to make it more censored and
    now its spreading its Authoritarian rules across all the globe forcing
    American companies do "Censor" and take on Authoritarian policies to do
    business with China. From what I can see Obama really is to blame for
    china rising in power with the tech sectors. Obama never believed in
    Americans. this is what happens when companies grow plutocratic and sell our freedoms for a dollar. FREEDOM IS NOT FOR SALE!!!! COMPANIES THAT SELL OUR FREEDOMS ARE TRAITORS TO AMERICA. People in our history DIED for our countrys freedoms…PEOPLE DIED SO WE CAN BE FREE!!!

  17. Yeah I can't support blizzard boycott blizzard I don't mind if I offend people people are thin skin pussies

  18. 5:40 Just wanted to point out that, the law is the Extradition bill is where the whole protest started. This bill itself isn't a huge deal, it's just that criminals who escaped to Hong Kong could be sent back to china for a trial, instead of being trialed in Hong Kong, which sounds and is perfectly normal, IF China isn't known for abusing and finding a lot of loopholes around their laws for their own convenience, and it's not hard to guess that things can get really shady in mainland's court and their judges, people are afraid of said bill being abused by the communist party to arrest people who currently enjoy the freedom of speech Hong Kong offers…or used to offer. To be honest I really wished China government just stayed clear out of causing drama inside the gaming scene, but I guess that is not to be. =/

  19. Glad my subscription ended a little while ago. Hadn't played classic as much as I thought I would. Couldn't get into Overwatch or anything else. Good riddance. Gonna go on eBay for the boxes of original Warcraft boxes before everyone else does

  20. Maybe its time, to Penalty this Companys, who Betray the own countrys western constitution for Bootlicking China or other anti-democratic Regimes, and maybe set the taxes for the sellings in this Country SO HIGH on the WINNINGS, that they maaaybe remember, why we dont do that in OUR Wakanda.

    Ánd its not only gaming industry. its different occasions, various markets etc.

    Stop Trading with dictatorships, stop letting them use OUR internet. Let them dry ut in their own shithole. And no, i do NOT care for the 1 BILLION sheeples, which do not protest.

  21. LET ME GUESS, you're all "Anti politics" when games include women/minorities/ete…
    BUT now all 'pro politics' when Blizzard shuts down a political statement? LOL

  22. What do you get if your a big game company and ignore the people who buy your high price games and then force them to purchase in game loot boxes to stay competitive then tell them, should they ever complain, that they are entitled stupid people. Answer: you get what you deserve…….

  23. Bloody hell. I'd gotten used to Blizzard becoming progressively more greedy and uncaring towards their playerbase. But now this. sigh

  24. You should also talk about how blizzard reacted to an American College team that had a poster saying "Free Hong Kong, boycott blizzard". Blizzard has double standards. It's okay to speak…. Unless it's china our overlord 😂

  25. Wow, to Activision/Blizzard… Their are problems going on in Hong Kong. But they felt the need to defend the Oppressors… That is Amazingly funny how low Activision have sunk.

  26. Really, tho what part of entertainment media does not have China sticking a mircopenis in it? All you need to know about china is, they mad they dick is smoll. So they want to show up the world. Basically everything always comes back to dick size… They smoll they angwy!

  27. foreign companies play by rules of country they are operating.. if blizzard operated in isis territory, instead of banning they would chop off heads, because local rules.

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