BLIZZARD Stole My WEAPON, HELLO?? | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1497

BLIZZARD Stole My WEAPON, HELLO?? | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1497

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ES_Innocent Wooing — Dylan Joseph
ES_Bop It — Jules Gaia
ES_Busy Brasserie — Trabant 33
ES_Swing It G — Glove Box
ES_Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin

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45 thoughts on “BLIZZARD Stole My WEAPON, HELLO?? | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1497

  1. If ashes of out lands never released and it was just the initiate cards I think demon hunter would be fine. It would still be aggressive, but limited as it has no card draw in the initiate set.

  2. I think Demonhunter is too strong. All his weaknesses can be easily supported with his own starter set. Having big minions that need a few turns to be active isn't enough of a downside when you can easily summon lots of tokens or auto buff your minions when using your hero power. Drawing all your deck and risking fatigue as a downside is not enough if you have enough damge output to kill your oponent in one turn and not getting even close to fatigue. And lets not talk about that 'ignore taunt' minion. How am I supossed to play around a rule breaking minion? I think DH is strong and has a good class identity but it needs a downside to balance it. Most of the time, playing against DH is a drag rather than fun

  3. Demon hunter is very power heavy and could use a little utility but utility that doesn't make it too good, like a 7 cost "summon 3 3/2s with rush outcast costs (5)" just to deal with meatier boards

  4. People who're still Complaining About Demon Hunter are the ones stuck at Bronze and Can't climb

  5. Demon Hunter and it's cards are really strong, but I think that's just because of the small card pool. I expect as more DH cards are printed, the more balanced it will be. It NEEDED to be strong so people would play it. It's just strong to a fault.

  6. DH is still way too strong. Currently, they are abusing the mana cost reduction from Raging Felscreamer to place an early Priestess of Fury which almost impossible to deal with. The nerf to Glaivebound Adept did absolutely nothing and Altruis is still able to do an insane amount of damage to you while destroying your board. I have already told my experience in many other places, but i might as well do that here too.

    I was playing recently against a DH. I was at 30 health and i had a full health Dragonqueen Alextrasza and Ysera. Then he played Altruis and started his chain of cards. He destroyed both dragons, hit me in the face with his own attack for 6 damage, attacked with a Glaivebound Adept he played on the previous turn for another 6 damage and left me with no board, 8 health and a board of his own that i needed to clear. Altruis did 10 damage to me (Ysera took 3 damage from Eye Beam). I took 22 damage in one turn and went from a winning position to pretty much dead as i had no answer for his board. This class can otk you without playing an otk deck. It's absolutely ridiculous.

  7. I really enjoy demon hunter, still not really possible against priest to Play, but with dh I finally have a good highlander control deck. No more getting just overrun by mages, warlocks, warrior pirates, palladin mechs, hunter mechs and so on..

  8. It's really hard to balance a new entire class before releasing it. It was a decent effort by blizz, and i am sure a new nerf will hit either priestess or the skull of gul'dan. The problem is that it is way too consistent. Like there's no rng involved. The only rng involved is mulligan. Unless you draw 2 priestess and metamorphosis in the opening hand you're favoured to win

  9. My opinion is mr Editor is either a DH main or priest main, it's still pretty strong but you can counter it by playing priest or tempo warrior so it's not the end of the world, but could use some nerfs on priestess and skull of guLUL

  10. more than a nerf i think dh needs a rework, to balance the aggro part or push the other cards never utilized

  11. The legendary needs to be nerfed to only got minions. Being able to crank out, consistently, 8+ dmg to everything on the event board AND go face for 8-10 with hero attack is just… Not good

  12. DH absouletly need a few more nerfs. Priestness of fury, imprisoned anthean and skull of gul'dan are definietly prime candidates for that….

  13. I don't think demon hunter should be nerfed or buff they have to shallow of a card pool I think we should suck it up and see what the next set gives everybody

  14. I could see a Nerf to twin slice and/or priestess of fury, but any more than that would be overkill.

    Would prefer buffs to the lesser played classes of shamans and paladin.

  15. I think DH is just has too little variety. But I'm looking forward to the next expansions to see what kind of new archetypes might be possible. And how it impacts the card designs of other classes, now that it seems to be the new designated aggro class.

  16. Demon Hunters are a new class, I bet some people is trying hard to get at least 500wins with it, since every other classes are golden or 1k.
    That said, there is also the fact that it has 4 less years of cards than any other. Obviously, they should avoid print rubbish cards as to other classes during this time (looking at you Moorabi, Duskfallen Aviana and others). So yes, cards are strong, fortunately!
    Stop nerfs! Make buffs great again :')

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