Bomb Warrior Happy Dance | Standard Hearthstone


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Streamed on 2020-07-21
#Alliestrasza #Hearthstone


20 thoughts on “Bomb Warrior Happy Dance | Standard Hearthstone

  1. You are so smart that you are able to turn a lost game and win it. Greetings from Chile in south america

  2. That intro is sick, I haven't seen Allie's stream in a while — the quality looks so clean! Also grats on 100k subs!, ill make it +1 more

  3. There she is! With a Magnificent card Deck. Thanks for the Deck link. Won't be asking for anything. Keep rolling with Bomb Warrior :}

  4. I Play pretty much the exact same deck sans 1 bladestorm for Hack the System for a bit more flavor. Hoping warriors gets a bit more active draw card next expansion, it relies on Skipper a bit too much for my liking.

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