Boulderfist Ogre OTK! Good Stats for the Cost Combo! | Hearthstone

The goal of this Hearthstone Control Highlander Warrior OTK combo deck is to use Boulderfist Ogre combined with Maiev Shadowsong and Charge! We do this by playing Ogre, Charge, and Maiev. Then, when the Ogre wakes up we play double Inner Rage, double Rampage, and Zephrys the Great for Windfury! 32 Damage OTK! Super fun meme deck! Good luck!

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37 thoughts on “Boulderfist Ogre OTK! Good Stats for the Cost Combo! | Hearthstone

  1. my theory on why mark is always bottom decking, the game wants the most bm out of these dicks he plays against so they can shut up even harder

  2. I like how the opponent thinks this is a normal game, and then out of nowhere… It happens then their stunned 😂

  3. hmmm im not sure this combo cant be done in standard. am i missing something here? eitherway great efficient combo mark, if you have a full control warrior shell then this could be very strong.

  4. Ugh, this card should be the gold standard but unfortunately blizzard decided to power creep with The Beast. I'm tired of seeing The Beast in every single deck that should otherwise be running two boulderfist ogres. Even in the context of this 100% meta breaking combo that everyone in ladder is playing, you get to omit a whole combo piece. They should really just remove The Beast from the game.

  5. Why not Salty Doy, Stalagg or Al'Ar? Combo works without Taurissan then.
    Also combo would be 100% cooler if Warlock on fire was a collectible card.

  6. While killing someone with a Boulderfist is cool, you could use the exact same combo with a 5-drop, and then you wouldn't be reliant on Thaurassian at all! I did a search on hearthpwn for 5 drops with >= 5 attack. There are actually dozens… but one really jumped out — Platebreaker! You know, that random minion your opponent played? 😀
    The thing is, Platebreaker actually makes your combo waaaay better. In addition to not needing Thaurassian, it also means you can OTK people who gain armor!!!

  7. of course Bloodfist Ogre has good stats for its mana cost, don't nobody remember when the very first time you started the game it was THE target to use polymorph?! 🎯

  8. You can play that in standard as well, you just need that guy that gives you a coin when you control a mission.

  9. Ah I see the opponent was playing the infamous Battlecry Quest Murloc Value Galakrond Shaman I've heard so much about

  10. should use ice rager for this combo. it is soo much better than magma rager and you could prove it.

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