Bringing Shaman BACK TO LIFE!!

Thijs Ashes of Outland Decklists:
Deckcode: Pog Shaman — AAECAaoIHvUE/gX/BbIGigetkQOKlAO5mQPFmQOloQP8owOEpwOQpwOsrQO5rQO7rQP+rgOqrwPQrwOBsQORsQPbsgPjtAPmtwPbuAPkuAOTuQOYuQPTwAOTwgMAAA==

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28 thoughts on “Bringing Shaman BACK TO LIFE!!

  1. Hey guys this is a bit of a test, let us know what you think of longer videos like 30/40 min, or if you prefer 10/15 min vids, we are trying some new things to see what you like better 🙂

  2. Mage is discusting right now. Being more pissed to face mage than priest. So much value and random rng crap

  3. So I've been trying to slog through the next 60 wins with shaman for the 1000 w's and it's been a struggle to find a successful deck. Right now I'm using quest with lady vashj for burst damage wins. Cumulo_maximus for 10 with free lava blast, etc. The buffs were much needed but I think shaman still need attention. With all the powercreep, overload needs to be looked at. Can still keep the overload but the cards need more stats to compensate.

  4. I prefer playing Kiblers Highlandershaman version (Quest + Dragon, minion heavy). I do have a decent winrate with it right now (about 63% climbing close to legend) — certainly not THE best deck but its quite fun!

  5. Why is does marspawn have that disgusting text placed before discover? They need to unnerf gala and buff new cards more

  6. Everybody said shaman is bad i always played shaman in this expansion and i have over 70% winrate after buffs over 80% and now i am leggend 82 in eu

  7. Thijs honey I love you but don't rope every turn just because you aren't paying attention to the game, it gets very boring to watch.

  8. I told people many times, Blizzard love their Shaman, the nerf was just to highlight DH, but they will, slow but surely go back to their favorite class

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