BUFFED LIBRAM PALLY FINALLY GOOD?? Maybe? It Sure Forces Concedes! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

Aldor Attendant got buffed to 1-mana, and lots of other decks got nerfed, which has opened the way for Libram Paladin to make its way into the meta. But was the buff enough to make it good? Well, the data is still out, but we had some promising results with an early Pure Libram Paladin build. It sure feels like a good one drop increased the deck’s early game prowess and made it way more competitive. But I’m still worried it’s not quite broken enough compared to others decks’ absurd plays.

Decklist: https://outof.cards/hearthstone/decks/15646-buffed-pure-libram-paladin

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Deck Spotlight | Hearthstone | BUFFED LIBRAM PALLY FINALLY GOOD?? Maybe? It Sure Forces Concedes!


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29 thoughts on “BUFFED LIBRAM PALLY FINALLY GOOD?? Maybe? It Sure Forces Concedes! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. I'm pretty hyped by this deck but i aint got the adventure's cards.
    What would guys recommend instead of shotbot ?

    Micro mommy or shielded minibot would be my guess, maybe 1 minion and 1 lifesteal spell, to make even more aggro decks concede 😉

  2. people regularily overestimate the power of librams. They are really not THAT incredible. You can definitely outvalue them. I Never concede against libram pala. It'll take a while but i've gotten tehre a lot even if they draw the nuts.

  3. that hunter concede was super random. highlander hunter is my main deck atm and let me tell you, you can pull wins out of your ass that you never see coming. literally stealing games.

  4. Did you notice he didn’t include any replays from rogue? That’s cuz rogue counters this deck HARD with sap and blackjack stunner, as they effectively destroy libram of wisdom, which is a key card in this deck.

  5. I think ppl use the librams kinda wrong i had a big success with an aggro version of the libram pally its really budget too i cut the heal librams for a truesilver and tirion and went full spam the board paly and kept destroying dhs priests and hunters

  6. I feel like Lightforged Crusader just kinda sucks in this meta. 7 mana do nothing is really bad.

  7. Did anyone try a miracle version of the deck? Playing a ton of free spells sounds cool in that kind of list

  8. Why did the first guy concede? I literally play this exact deck and people don’t concede like this.

  9. The demon Hunter was questionable. Missed healing off the eye beam, twin slice and attack to not even clear? Seems bad

  10. The deck looks strong but starting the video at diamond 5 and ending the video at diamond 5 isn't a good sign lol

  11. Serious question: why do people say "lee-bram?"
    Do you go to the "lee-brary?"

  12. Regis low-key paid the people to concede so he can tell people the deck finaly works and stop playing it haha

  13. I still don't think the "pure" paladin package is the way to go with Librams.
    The Extra value from Lightforged Crusader doesn't make up for the fact that you're still playing a big clunky Wargolem that gives you, on average, a hand full of useless secrets.
    Especially since the "cost" of running Crusader and Zealot is not being able to run Wild Pyro. Wild Pyro carries HARD against aggro, and it's not like we're in a super controlly meta rn.

  14. I like using the Libram, Cho, Vargoth package. And always make the opponents overdraw or make huge end game plays with a silly neutral not mentioned.

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