Buffed Shadow is OP (Big Shadow) | Rotation | World Uprooted Deck + Gameplay 【Shadowverse】

With the recent buffs to Shadowcraft, the deck is looking quite strong in the World Uprooted Mini-Expansion Meta! Get the deck code for this and my other decks …


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11 thoughts on “Buffed Shadow is OP (Big Shadow) | Rotation | World Uprooted Deck + Gameplay 【Shadowverse】

  1. Have you guys tried the new shadow with the buffs and new cards? What kind of lists have you came up with?

  2. since aenea got a reprint, does that mean she doesn't cycle out next pack?

  3. Kinda op and iritating, the ward is kinda hard to handle

    Did you play unlimited?
    have you seen the unlimited shooting bloodcraft? Really meme and kinda crazy

  4. As a Evo Dragon player this is dumb annoying. Might have to switch to a discard package to handle the ward.

  5. Number one reason I would play this deck is cause I will get to use my animated “He Who Once Rocked” looks cool af plus his animation when played is probably the best animation.

  6. Been playing a lot of new machina portal but haven't faced aenea or the new shadow legendary.

  7. Im trying to go as wide as possible to counter it

    Edit:its such a wonder i got 1 leader aenea with only 9 pack but dont have any new leggos

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