Building the WORST Hearthstone Deck EVER - League of Explorers Week 4 Gameplay

Griffin and Phil take on the most annoying boss yet and build a truly terrible deck in the final week of the League of Explorers adventure.
NOTE: Apologies for the slight audio desync toward the end. …This video went on too long.

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24 thoughts on “Building the WORST Hearthstone Deck EVER — League of Explorers Week 4 Gameplay

  1. I wonder if a Sideshow Spelleater battlecry would work on the second boss (the steel sentinel) and copy his hero power. (i don't play this game, so i don't know how it all really works exactly)

  2. I played a deck I had made of 30 unique gold cards against Rafaam. He was like, "Look at all these gold cards! I'm glad I robbed you!" It was cool how they put in a line of unique dialog just for that occurrence. And then I lost because even a random mishmash of gold cards wasn't as bad the deck they give you to use.

  3. I wonder if a deck entirely of highest-mana-cost cards and card draw would work in that third fight? Would limiting the boss to only the portalled minions for the first eight or nine turns give enough of an opening or is the given deck just too crappy to seal the deal on that clock?

  4. About that powered armor — what if it's used in combo with master of disguise to give it stealth? It would be way harder to kill, or at least force your opponent to use his AoE/random targeting cards.

  5. I thought we were gonna see that amazing deck get some ranked play if you didn't lose again?

  6. Misplay at 53:45. Should've Uldamaned the egg. If the knife hits the Shade, run in egg. If it doesn't hit, run both juggler and egg in, building a better board anyway.

  7. Please never stop making these videos. Honestly should be their own channel at this point. I love their weekly Tavern Brawl videos. Always absolutely hilarious.

  8. Museum curator is an amazing card, and that rafaams curse is terrible :D. The curse doesn't really affect the board, and hp is a meaningless resource if you lost board control.

  9. When I go to watch Stonerz and I see an hour long episode, I just know that one of the bosses is going to be half of that length.

  10. am i the only one who thought they should just put in all 7+ cost minions so when he steals he cant play anthing

  11. Unless I'm mathing wrong, the odds of the crown not hitting him or his minions at all was below 1% (p=0.009095)

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