Bulwark of AzziNomi | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

Survive with Bulwark, kill with Nomi.


Deck Code: AAECAQcKugH7Ae0FvZkD0pkD8qgD360DuLkDwLkD+cIDCkucApADnwOiBNQE/wfosAOktgOcuwMA

00:00 Deck
01:19 Ramp Druid
14:31 Quest Warlock


16 thoughts on “Bulwark of AzziNomi | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. AAECAQcKugH7Ae0FvZkD0pkD8qgD360DuLkDwLkD+cIDCkucApADnwOiBNQE/wfosAOktgOcuwMA

  2. lol this is such a troll deck. "victory is not enough, the opponent must also lose"

  3. Should this deck include an Elysiana or are you hoping your opponents fall asleep before it even comes to that? lmao

  4. Nice, saw this deck being used against Kibler and laughed my ass off while watching

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