Shaman kind of fell off the map, but this burn shaman has been massive. Definitely my favorite deck right now. Hard to recommend crafting anything close to rotation, though.

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Hey, I’m Dekkster and I play games. If you like Hearthstone gameplay and watching cool quests, this is the channel for you. Enjoy!




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42 thoughts on “BURN SHAMAN MIGHT BE TIER ONE | Hearthstone

  1. You don’t want two Doomhammers in your hand in any point of the game. Same with Likkim. Replacing the extras with cheap overload spells and elementals helped more in my experience.

  2. Super nice. Totally respect this deck. Definitely will try this. As i refuse to play shaman deck that includes shudderw, galakron and quest. Too cheap and does not require you to use your brain.

  3. Weird, this is the first video of yours that I have had on my main screen since late 2019. Algorithm hasn't been nice

  4. Could I replace Electra with a Cumulo? I’ve been playing different things to substitute but I haven’t thought about that. I’m playing a bandersmosh

    Edit: actually it’s Nithogg

  5. Could replace one of the battlemages with Vessina possibly? & does anyone think the meta is stable enough to craft this?

  6. Keeping an eye on you sir, I love you for strong decks to try, and chump for his experiments. Looking out for that next meta breaking deck like when you changed the entire meta with wall priest.

  7. The deck did well for me in top 50 before galas awakening it's kinda worse now with ctrl decks being more viable and other aggro decks being more consistent

  8. Hey hey Dekkster! Welcome back dude!

    I did watch your other videos but as background fall asleep mode, and hadnt left comments lol!

    Anyway great to have you back!

  9. Haha game 3 was dirty! I LOVE IT!!
    Game 4 was hella killer too!

    So.. have you tried cutting both battlemages, and adding 1 earth shock — 1 zentimo.. in case you need to control a board? Or would that be too much you think?

  10. I was wondering why you hadn't uploaded anything but apart from you leaving youtube had unsubscribed me from your channel and a few others.

  11. I play almost exclusively Shaman and a variant of this deck is one of the first things I made this expansion. It's so much fun

  12. I had quite a lot of success with similar list, but with evolve package and Zentimo instead of Doomhammer. Overload shaman is definitely underrated at the moment.

  13. someone to complete the 80 gold mission add my battle Belyal # 1285 (** combo quest **)

  14. Shaman and Mage are my bread and butter. Definitely going to give this a try. I love burn decks. Spell to the face over taunts for a win is so satisfying.

  15. I think a lot of these decks are more mid late game oriented and priest and warlock are the only decks that can answer to big boards so killing them early like this makes its good imo

  16. Yeah so this deck is fucking horrible. Spent over 1k crafting this deck, only to go on a 5 game losing streak

  17. i always hate when people do that wide swoop when targeting the other player, it is so mf cringy

  18. Lol I built this deck just a little different but with the same idea a few month ago. But Galakrond Shaman and Pirate Warrior were just too broken…

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