C'thun is the best of the Old Gods | Wild Hearthstone

C’thun is the best Old God and by far the most eyebally thing in wild! Now, while you get some battlecries that give your minions attack, shudderwock will repeat them twice making him a bigger C’thun than any normal god could ever be. Also, giveaway right now on twitter and discord for the golden pack bundle 🙂

Giveaway: https://twitter.com/solemhs/status/1262823305494528001

Deck Code:

TWITCH ►► https://www.twitch.tv/Solem
TWITTER ►► https://twitter.com/solemHS
DISCORD ►► https://discord.gg/H5VKA39
REDDIT ►► https://www.reddit.com/r/Solem/


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24 thoughts on “C'thun is the best of the Old Gods | Wild Hearthstone

  1. I hate inflaction !
    solem before : 40 mins matches
    Solem now : 10 min match , 3 are full only of socials spams : (
    We want back the old pure Virgin solem , not the modern chad one

  2. Honestly, it's kinda boring when the opponent doesn't put up much of a fight because they're playing bad cards and are probably new to the game

  3. You're talking about AF (auto focus) point display, so what you're trying to do is remove the visual for the actual auto focus point. This article should help :https://support.usa.canon.com/kb/index?page=content&id=ART169050&cat=PRODUCTS&actp=LIST

    I assume you are, but make sure to invest in a good capture card. The capture card makes the biggest difference in terms of quality over a webcam. (though the quality of a webcam can also be improved via a capture card as well. (sometimes)).

    The only reason why I bring up what the name itself is; is the more knowledge you have about something, the more you are able to troubleshoot/help yourself. 🙂

  4. Solem is that a Moyu rubrik's cube at the background? Can't really identify the brand, but it looks like black Moyu cubes

  5. I wouldn't call myself a photographer but according to the manual look in the camera settings section for "AF Point Display" (should be with your date/brightness/screen rotation settings)

    Edit: see alternative solutions in comments of this reply

  6. All you do is get 1000 wins with all classes gets rank five or higher every then play casual and have fun

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