Call of the Wild in Reno Hunter works quite well | Wild Hearthstone

Reno Hunter is more than decent in wild and here is why. It has Reno, it has Zephrys and it has Call of the Wild which is a great spell in any situations. Dont forget to eat your bread and drink some water

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32 thoughts on “Call of the Wild in Reno Hunter works quite well | Wild Hearthstone

  1. Not the point of the channel, but Pole Position needs to be banned. Being able to force your opponent into a state where NOT only can they not play the game, but will be punished for trying to play the game, is just not fun.

  2. are you taking a jab at ninja?

    I don't really like the guy and there are like 10 vids about the boy

  3. Solem i give you a tip:
    If you want make a quality videos you need do interesting stream.
    I hope this tip change your life.

  4. Would be cool if you could actually choose which cards to discard instead of it all being random

  5. 7:08 oh god so many times. I was scared for a disease coming to wipe us all out and I calmed myself by saying "if I make it there first the plague gets delayed by another year" and thats how I got to sleep again

  6. 12:44 to answer the yugioh question about yugioh for anyone curious is: people comboing for like 11 mins and your opponent having to spend another 10 mins reading the essay written on your Endymion, the mighty master of magic.

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