Can't win a Hearthstone Game? Cheat!

Update: People have let me know that this was not an exploit and that my opponent was not cheating. The way in which he moved his targetting arrow made me think he did it on purpose, but it was just a disconnect. Sorry guys!

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13 thoughts on “Can't win a Hearthstone Game? Cheat!

  1. i want to like but i dislike what that lock did so i will do nothing……also gw for reaching legend

  2. i don't think he was cheating, it happened to me 3 times and on all of them my opponent was winning and their card got stuck like that on the screen. it is blizzard we should blame imo.

  3. It happened to me a lot, in these cases even in arena you can just exit the game and enter back and unless your turn is over you can still play 🙂

  4. I wouldn't take anything you have to say seriously sittin there sucking at your bong, douchebag

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