Can Freeze Mage come back to Hearthstone? (Galakrond's Awakening deck guide and gameplay)

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In this video, I play my Freeze Mage theorycraft downgraded to Galakrond’s Awakening card pool.

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This video is from the era of Year of the Dragon Standard format and Descent of Dragons expansion after Galakrond’s Awakening adventure.


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9 thoughts on “Can Freeze Mage come back to Hearthstone? (Galakrond's Awakening deck guide and gameplay)

  1. I’ve been playing freeze against the meta for the last 2 weeks, glad to see you made a video about it :)… The issue i found is the “survival package” of the deck is lacking, and some draw (no acolyte hurts a lot)… i use 2 fire ward and 1 ice barrier with 2 ancient mysteries (deck thining and survival against aggro), alex against control), no kael’thas (find it slow, and opens up space because i dont run 1c spells) and no arcane breath (love them but the few dragons make them too inconsistent). I hope more people play it so it becomes optimized faster. Great video boss!!

  2. Of all of the decks that have existed in Hearthstone history, I think only the original Underaker hunter annoyed me more than Freeze mage did (and Time Warp mage does in wild.) They’re very far from unbeatable mind you, I just find them very boring to play against — it’s like watching someone play solitaire. Being a combo deck, it also tends to punish control/midrange metas and rewards aggro — but it’s the lack of interaction and few opportunities for meaningful decision making on the part of the person playing against freeze mage that makes it particularly distasteful to me. (Oh hey, looks like he froze my board to stall for the 4th turn in a row, guess since my hand is half minions and half answers I’ll just hero power pass, again. Oops, looks like he drew the combo. What a fun game that was to watch.)

    I did love playing control warrior against the original freeze mage with a damage cap though, as it was the only control deck that truly beat it at the time.

    Great video though, Guardian! You’re the most underrated Hearthstone YouTuber that I know of!

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