Can You Win Battlegrounds With Only 1 Minion?! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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46 thoughts on “Can You Win Battlegrounds With Only 1 Minion?! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Your opponents attempt to pivot to murlocs were a bit late 🤣😅😂 (jk i know he threw)

  2. if you was facing someone with a full board with murlock with poison and shield this wouldend had been possible

  3. hysteria : can you win with only 1 minion?

    also hysteria : going in demons succesfully,killing guy with poison murloc,and only in the end just selling all units expect 44/448 demon

    dude with poison murloc that killed from hysteria and watched this video : bruh

  4. Play Reno, get a triple on two, get zerus, get brann, make him golden, and stay on two and play pogos. I feel like you're the only person capable of doing this.

  5. I'm the guy who was Putricide! Wow, I found this video today when talking about battlegrounds out of no where with a friend at work, told him I lost against a single Battlemaster a week ago, he referred to this video he saw as «I recently saw such a thing on Youtube, the guy put a single murloc at the end» and I quickly made links thinking it was me.

    I was not rank 6, I think it was 5 gold or so to level up to 6 at this point, Maexnna was virtually not an option. Indeed, I bought the first murloc I saw and then rolled for Toxfin about 12 times, found none. I was also looking to get one through a Primalfin, or get a third Wolf to roll for Maexxna or a Megasaur.

    However, if I had only 2 minions at the end, a poisonous and Toxfin, It could have tied if HysteriA went first, then he could reinforce on the next turns (he was ready to play other rounds with that freeze 😀 ).

  6. Hysteria : can we win with one minion
    Also Hysteria : has 7 minions on field.
    Me : disliking and instantly switching off to another vid after commenting

  7. Nice vid! how about one where you play as Patchwerk with 1hp and a golden Brann…. How big can you get the Battlemaster? :O

  8. Do this again, but play as patchwerk and get the third battlemaster from a zerus so you can buff that too.

  9. Literally done this multiple times with pogo hopper and shudderwock. The strat gets ruined by 2 things. Poison, and RNG. Usually RNG. Last time I tried pogo strat, refreshed 5 turns in a row and got 0 hoppers. Conceded after that. Was doing well at turn 4 with a 24/24 hopper; but it stayed like that until I conceded.

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