Carter Park to Isak Heartstone

Nick Sangetta and Barb Sangetta hike from Carter Park and Pavilion to Isak Heartstone in Breckenridge, Colorado on August 27, 2019.

Borrtex — Motion


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4 thoughts on “Carter Park to Isak Heartstone

  1. Isak is cool …assembled, disassembled, moved and assembled again… trail was not very scenic until you got to Jacks Cruel Joke 😄…wonder why they came up with that name for trail. 🤔

  2. Ha, you were right, this one was definitely different than usual! I think I'd heard of some wooden troll out there at some point in the past so this Isak has got to be it. Looked like a very relaxing hike with an amazing view of Breckenridge ski area too. Thanks for sharing something new and different, a fun watch! 🙂

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