【Chillstep】Electus - Heartstone

Electus taking new directions, I like it 🙂

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Track: http://bit.ly/1ai0R1T

The Heartstone EP: https://soundcloud.com/electusofficial/sets/heartstone-ep


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Artwork Download: http://wallbase.cc/wallpaper/2836753

I have permission from Electus to upload this track.

Intro by: Federico Cocheo Filetti

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33 thoughts on “【Chillstep】Electus — Heartstone

  1. This picture paired with the song literally sends despair through my soul. Seeing the last breath of humanity holding up it's sword in stalwart defiance again the hordes of fallen and compromised. The grim hopelessness almost adds a sense of beauty but the faces on the cliffs representing the pain of endurance of such beauty only to be warped and molded into something so unimaginably hateful. God damn, this music literally makes me wish i could be anywhere but on this world.

  2. this track is not hold on give the real link please. hold on is another track …

  3. Last year, when I listen your stuff I'm always in a bad attitude after smoking some shit..
    Now this year when I listen your uploads their turn me in a strange feeling, a hard Melancholic feeling, all your songs turn me mad. That's so beautifull !

  4. For the people wondering where this game is from, it's from the game Mortal Online

  5. I just wanted to say that god loves you. Everyone with his good and his Bad Sides. He is always near you an Will Never leave you Alpen.

  6. i play hearthstone so often that i read the title as "Electus — Hearthstone" :/

  7. (guy in the picture) "If i am going to die today! My death will not be in vain! I shall protect my family! And I shall die with honor and love from them…"

    Did it for fam

  8. It fits me for playing CSGO it's a quiet music so I can hear other players footsteps. Plus it's calming song which let's me to chill. Love it.

  9. Bravery in reality is ignorant stubbornness.
    It truly is a remarkable aspect of some humans.
    But there are not many who show signs of Prometheus' fire.

  10. What you're thinking: Ah fuck what the hell am I doing…. I'm dead am I not?
    What they're thinking: Huh. He's still there. Damn. He's got balls.
    You again: Ah fuck it. This is the end. I wanna run so bad….
    Them again: He's an honorable one.
    You: No, I will stand my ground.
    Them: He could run or surrender. Why does he want to die?
    You: Rather death, than slavery.
    You head into the endless army.

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