Cho Libram Paladin~ Hearthstone gameplay commentary



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24 thoughts on “Cho Libram Paladin~ Hearthstone gameplay commentary

  1. We've seen it time and again but it doesn't get old. Players see Cho and don't realise what terrible danger they are in, two turns later they're staring down a buffed board with a hand full of useless spells… of course the Cho master Hobbs has been in that situation 1000 times before and knows how to play it out to perfection!

  2. You have used Cho countless times in the past, but Librams with Cho is absolutely brilliant. I long for the day when I, too, may pull a Cho from a pack.

  3. God i love the cho inclution. Still i feel like this obviously looses against Demon Hunter but it seems so fun to play

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