Combo DH - DECK DOCTOR w/ Zalae! | Firebat Hearthstone

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Deck Doctor is back w/ Zalae!! Get hyped for this combo demon hunter deck!
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20 thoughts on “Combo DH — DECK DOCTOR w/ Zalae! | Firebat Hearthstone

  1. Zalae: "Aren't we the control deck again?"
    Bat: "We're controlling his face"

    Wise words

  2. You two ABSOLUTELY have of the best team strategizing synergy I've ever seen in this game.

    Good job on the next-level 5head plays!
    Peace, love, and go vegan ✌💖💚

  3. They NEED to update Zephyrs ability to come up with silence when you have 8 or more mana. The dude just cannot imagine why you would need silence against a BOARD of taunts and deathrattles when you could have an 8 Mana 8/1 that kills a minion and steals its health

  4. Something about two streamers actually talking about things like thunderstorms is really funny to me

  5. Considering they spent 4 hours on this Deck Doctor, something tells me Firebat really enjoys doctoring. He should do it more! It makes great content, too.

  6. Your editor is STILL KILLING IT YEP HE IS. Wanted to jump in the casket myself w them Zeph options.

  7. not playing around the 1 mana bounce card from secret rogue was a real GM play, no offense

  8. So if the priest was at 4, could you have hero powered and attacked, then played Jaraxus and attacked again?

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