COME AT ME BRO PRIEST DECK! - Saviors of Uldum Hearthstone

Saviors of Uldum Hearthstone — Taunt and heal Priest! What could ever go wrong?
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30 thoughts on “COME AT ME BRO PRIEST DECK! — Saviors of Uldum Hearthstone

  1. I see everyone complaining about Control Warrior. Meanwhile I'm destroying that with Control Shaman. Now Bomb Warrior can eat a fatty.

  2. Pro tip for anyone that faces this deck. Don't hit them. Just set up your board for big attacks and then use them when you want to deal a ton of damage in one turn. Don't flood the board because of their board clears 3 or 4 minions is really all you need. If you get them low enough (below 20 preferably) early they won't be able to waste time healing and will have to respond to your threats. If you make moves that have your opponent responding then you will control the game. EDIT: 13:01 the perfect example of over-committing. His opponent went to hard on filling the board to get damage without any regard for board clear.

  3. I feel like this deck actually became good with mage and warrior nerfs. like… actually one of the best control decks out there now.

  4. i only have enough dust to craft one, which one should i craft archmage vargoth, catrina muerte, or high priest amet?

  5. This deck is the most fun I've had in ranked for a long time. Just having the opponent waste all their removal over and over just for everything to come back again, it's like a more fun version of Hadronox.

  6. If anyone is interested, I made a cheaper copy of this deck that works amazingly in early ranks. No boasting, cause I know low rank you could almost play anything, but even my cheap version floods the board pretty easily and dominates late game with very strong obelisk buffed minions.

  7. quest priest hero power should be this. Use it on a hero heal 3 or use it on a minion to give it 3+/3+ not both.

  8. Here is an a million dollar question, can you quickly tell me how much squires died in that episode in 30 second?

  9. This deck is so ridiculous, I main galakrond warlock and pure paladin and I hate these ressurect wall priests.

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