COMMON BATTLEGROUNDS MISTAKES | Tempo Storm Hearthstone [Galakrond's Awakening]

While Battlegrounds might be a constantly evolving game mode, the general gameplay mechanics remain the same from patch to patch! Join us as we take a look at the most common mistakes battlegrounds players make!

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Tempo Storm is a global professional esports franchise at the forefront of the industry, leading strategic minds across the vast field of gaming.

Founded by Andrey Yanyuk (“reynad”) out of his own pocket, the roster now stands among the most decorated of teams in esports and features some of the best competitors and broadcast personalities in Hearthstone, HotS, Fortnite, PUBG, Apex, Shadowverse, the FGC, Summoners War, and FIFA.

Despite its various championship titles, the franchise operates as much more than just a competitive team – Tempo Storm is one of the largest esports media companies in the world. Its Hollywood studio is home to innovative, bleeding-edge productions including events, tournaments, and gaming content for one of the highest-trafficked websites in the space. Tempo Storm also continues to deliver best-in-class live content with its proprietary mobile production abilities.

This channel focuses on helping Hearthstone players develop deck-building skills and game sense, as well as providing funny Hearthstone-related content.


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12 thoughts on “COMMON BATTLEGROUNDS MISTAKES | Tempo Storm Hearthstone [Galakrond's Awakening]

  1. Thanks for making videos on Battlegrounds. It's my favorite mode!!!! I like your advise and confirms what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong.

  2. the advice in these videos has honestly made me a better BG player, i really appreciate the help and effort.

  3. Thank you for this informative video! I just have a question, regarding tier up early. When you get a triple, is it worth it to tier up with 7-8 golds and discover a minion from even higher tier? The answer in general is dont be greedy if you are not too far ahead. But any further details would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  4. Hey everyone, shameful plug in here, I stream on mixer playing hearthstone battlegrounds, I'm not that good but I try to make it entertaining! And I'm on the rank grind! If you have free time come check it out

  5. I force beasts and triple deathrattles. And whenever I don’t go bears I always see two wolves when I hit tier 5, so I convert my board to beasts in spite. Me seeing that wolf when I’m not playing beasts in the mid game has become so common that I stock up on beast support on my free turns just in case… it pays of sometimes… sometimes…

  6. 1:38 Going for triple cobalt is actually a mistake most of the time for the record despite your misleading section on triples. Especially considering Cobalt is an auto-buy for almost everyone that early in the game, which makes it unlikely to triple anyways.

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