Completely Random Deck! Renounce Darkness Shenanigans! [Hearthstone Game of the Day]

Identity Crisis.

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15 thoughts on “Completely Random Deck! Renounce Darkness Shenanigans! [Hearthstone Game of the Day]

  1. I wish I could do shenanigans all I want but I never have enough dust for more than just a meta deck, that’s why I like to watch other people really enjoy the game like this 🙂

  2. Hey mark how you doing I am sure you heard of this but I just probably laughed as hard as I have in a while sorry if I don’t know the names of the cards but I will try to explain ok I am playing discard quest warlock so turn one play quest I think I plAyed the card that discards highest card which was the six mana death rattle summon a card that discard I went second so I still have coin and just waited till turn 5 coined out that Dinomancer death rattle minion who is now resummon if die my opponent was confused killed it then killed it again lol I was laughing it was great

  3. Missed two separate easy lethals that game
    Is he really that bad or did he do it on purpose?

  4. Hey wait a sec…. I only just noticed this because of at 8:35 where you turn your head. We have the same headphones!

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