CONTROL DEMON HUNTER? AND IT'S GOOD?? Twin Slice is Still Insane! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

There’s a new way to play Demon Hunter in the post Twin Slice «nerf» era. It comes from Eddie, it was played to Top 5 Legend, and it’s a nice change of pace from the hyper aggression of old. And it seems like Twin Slice isn’t any worse at all!

Deck Level: Powerful
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Deck Spotlight | Hearthstone | CONTROL DEMON HUNTER? AND IT’S GOOD?? Twin Slice is Still Insane!


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40 thoughts on “CONTROL DEMON HUNTER? AND IT'S GOOD?? Twin Slice is Still Insane! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. Almost every wild deck I run into is running Geist now
    My secret Liam deck feelsbadman

  2. This video made me realize that Regis talks to his audience likes an elementary school teacher speaks to their students. Calmly patiently, but firmly.

  3. Honestly, I don't think I've ever actually read the card text for Thalnos. I just know what it does from watching people play it for years lol

  4. 4:58 A 0-mana 10-10? OK, let's make it balanced:
    "Cannot attack heroes, give your opponent 30 armor". How about that?

  5. Cool deck and all. But what is the win condition? Surely it's not Magtheridon alone.

  6. Does anyone think that the new twin slice is just a better heroic strike from warrior?

  7. "did twin slice actually get nerfed at all, idk" 🤣🤣🤣 I commented in your nerf/buff video saying it was hilarious how you were trying to make it seem like the change was a nerf.

  8. While I still like the 0-mana Twin Slice (probably because I'm so used to it), I think they should have nerfed it as a "1-mana Twin Slice, +2 damage" and gives you a "0-mana Single Slice, +1 damage".

    One upside to Twin Slice now is that the Cobalt Spellkin dragon (add two 1 cost spells to your hand) can now also give you Twin Slices because they cost 1 mana.

  9. They doubled the attack, at the cost of multiplying its mana cost infinitely. 0/10, unplayable card

    Joking aside, it's basically a 2 mana get 4 attack. Doesn't Demon Hunter have an 8 mana gain 8 attack? Playable or not, twin slice is ending up twice as effective, while also having utility in letting you only 'cash in' one half of it for a +2 buff. I'd say it's not nerfed per se, but it's definitely different, and allows some new kinds of plays at the cost of making other plays less viable.

  10. The change is definitely healthy. You stop the ridiculous Altruis plays while making twin slice useful in different situations.

  11. Don't know about this deck…it's controlly and fine but wheres the finisher in this? Just Zephrys and hope? Meh…

  12. Twinspell arcane shot.

    Instead of backstab with benefits.

    Its a lateral move to power crept classic cards

  13. I've been playing with mo'rag in demon hunter for the last couple days in a life steal demon hunter build its amazing, Right now its 9-2 vs demon hunters and does pretty good against other classes as well. Loving the intros regis keep it up

  14. So, I hardly ever comment, but I wanted to let you know that I'm really digging the off stream vids! even tho this isn't one of them

  15. I think it's nice Regis has a devil may care attitude about sniping. I always thought it was kind of hypocritical when streamers complain about snipers while benefiting on ranked from having their oversights pointed out to them by chat before they misplay.

  16. 'Control' deck with most expensive card 6 drop, XD hearthstone what have you done!?

  17. What does the vulpera say ?

    I'm gonna wet pant or
    I'm gonna wear pink ? 😂😂😂

    English 2nd language

  18. This deck is a perfect example for me of “well I already have these cards so I’ll try it”, I haven’t played DH in weeks but I would love more viable DH decks on ladder someday

  19. I returned to the hearthstone i didnt play a long time , this deck is playable? Cause i really love the dh

  20. I mean the class can do anything. Hell big demon hunter can probably get legend

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