Control Warlock deck guide and gameplay (Hearthstone Ashes of Outland)

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Here’s my latest take on Control Warlock!

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This video is from the era of Year of the Phoenix Standard format and Ashes of Outland expansion.


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5 thoughts on “Control Warlock deck guide and gameplay (Hearthstone Ashes of Outland)

  1. I love this deck.Played it last season around diamond 5 with some minor changes like replacing highlander cards ,sense demons, and a copy of twisting nether for some early game minions like bone wraith,twilight drake and even a fel lord betrug for a swing turn and even more ebonlocke copies.Decent winrate.Its so satisfying when you pull off the sathrovar+ebonlocke combo.Had a hilander mage concede after i played the third kanrethad prime.

  2. I love how you always post interesting decks and make viable budget decks. I’m having a lot of success with your budget priest

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