Could This Be The MOST Advanced BM Ever? | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1574

Could This Be The MOST Advanced BM Ever? | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1574

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ES_Slow Dancin’ With Jules — Harper Rey
ES_Bip Bop Baby — The Best Ofs
ES_Back to the Lake House — Birdies
ES_And Again — Poindexters
Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin (Full Audio)

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33 thoughts on “Could This Be The MOST Advanced BM Ever? | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1574

  1. My least favourite class is rogue because I don't have rogue's cards 🙁

  2. My least favorite classes are warrior and paladin. I just don't like the decks and the playing style. Tried playing pirate warrior at the beginning of the expansion, because I got the legendary weapon from the packs, but still it wasn't fun enough for me.

  3. Worrier is the least favorite class. Never got the right cards and i don't like the control decks.

  4. Druid is my favorite XDD I love the choose one cards, I don't like warrior and his archetypes and rogue

  5. Warlock, because i have never enjoyed discarding my own hand or saccing my own life

  6. To play AS and AGAINST, druid. I hate the play style especially in this meta. Me winning as druid doesn't feel satisfying, and going against them as Rogue main feels awful.

  7. i dont like playing aggro decks so my least loved classes are especially hunter demon hunter and paladin, but some decks are cool

  8. Priest. Its not fun playing against a class that steals your stuff and has a lot of removal. I would remove the class if I could.

  9. As a main Druid, I felt offended by the comment question of the day.
    But, as someone that doesn't play Hearthstone anymore, I can't really discuss, can I?

  10. Priest and druid is boring af, i just hate control characters that p,ay long drawn out games

  11. I hate playing and going against DH
    Too little diversity loses my interest.

    How dare you say druid, I'll have you know I graduated in Biology top of my class and have gotten a Gloop prize from Floop himself, I defeated more Pirate warriors than anyone else and Jade is not needed!
    Idk how the meme goes so I did my best and now I play Yogg. 🙂

  12. 3:15
    Normal HS players: “If I summon more totems, I can evolve into a bigger board”
    Me who watches HS daily moments and knows better: “every totem I summon increases my chance of evolving to a doomsayer”

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