Crazy Dragon Luck | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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32 thoughts on “Crazy Dragon Luck | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Would love if you put the music in the description! I recognize it and it’s killing me that I can’t remember what this piece is

    Edit: Ah, it’s Beethoven’s Kreutzer Sonata, in case anybody else was wondering lol

  2. Dog i dont know if u gonna see this, to figure out the missing tribe easier.
    Its 2 B for beasts and pirates
    2 M for mechs and murlocs
    2 D for dragons and demons.
    Look for the single letter

  3. Never liked playing deryl tbh, i would always find a shit ton of stuff to dance on but no tokens, or a shit ton of tokens and nothing to dance on

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