Crazy Hunter & Druid Beast Synergy Deck! | Arena | Saviors of Uldum | Hearthstone

More dual class silliness!


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32 thoughts on “Crazy Hunter & Druid Beast Synergy Deck! | Arena | Saviors of Uldum | Hearthstone

  1. That game 4 loss was brutal. Bad draws, bad card generation, opponent had a good curve, went second for the 4th time. I would've rage quit.

  2. At 35:56, after Trump says the obscure reference and the opponent plays the Jade ramp card, the pumpkin in the top right of the board gets a 2/2 icon over it. I didn't get the reference, but that seems like an edit or something? Jens? Anyone know?

  3. 'this is gonna be quite the finish' … opponent surrenders without doing anything else

  4. Come on blizzard… you need to fix your rewards for 12 wins, it's mathematically less than 1% of all arena players. I don't even feel that was worth his hour of playtime. Use a bucket system and give "good" golden epics and legendaries for 11 and 12 wins not that insulting trash.

  5. I got bullied by Paladruid who had Turn 6 Spreading plague (for 6 minions) into Turn 7 2x Mark of the Lotus + Fungal.. That was the end of me. This was before they buffed the class card drop rate in the draft phase.

  6. It’s almost like the tree ants are saying shame when trump made that mistake

  7. The genuine enjoyment laughs remind me why I love Trump and watch him through all the frustration

  8. Simply insane lol What a great arena run, loved that you dared a different match up and turned out fantastic!

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