CRAZY NEW CARDS! Multiple Legendaries and BIG Demons!? - Scholomance Academy - Hearthstone Expansion

More new cards are revealed! Many more Legendaries!

Cards in this review:
00:03 — Magehunter
01:27 — Star Student Stelina
02:37 — Doctor Krastinov
04:26 — Pen Flinger
06:03 — Archwitch Willow
07:53 — Playmaker
09:36 — Felosophy
11:07 — Glide
12:35 — Totem Goliath

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CRAZY NEW CARDS! Multiple Legendaries and BIG Demons!? — Scholomance Academy — Hearthstone Expansion



43 thoughts on “CRAZY NEW CARDS! Multiple Legendaries and BIG Demons!? — Scholomance Academy — Hearthstone Expansion

  1. Star student is just annoying. Interesting effect, but not on a 4/3. That’s too much stats for stealing a card.

  2. Hand disruption in heartstone? I think its going to be a werry bad experience for most of us (aggro players rejoyce i guess)…

  3. If mtg taugh us anything. Is that hand disruption is the most negative player experience mechanic.

  4. Pen flinger goes in galakrond rogue with the minion that adds 3 coins to your hand

  5. i really dont know what is going an in the blizzard design team but how does something like glide even pass their standards? It seems completely unbalanced and warps the meta around it so hard

  6. Looking at these new OP cards, and the demon hunter, Ive never wanted to play Hearthstone less

  7. Wtf are they doing to DH. The class literally has everything 🙄

  8. Dude Galakrond Rush Warrior incoming. Imagine drawing just two rush minions with +4/+4, with playmaker that could be nuts against a control deck.

  9. Sterlina for sure going to 5 mana 3/3. Glide either 6-7 mana or the outcast mechanic taken out of it. Like, those cards cards seem too good to be tech-ish type of cards. (Still waiting for them to take the charge part out of kayn)
    Dh has, kayn, altruis, and glide. So taunts are not a counter… neither are antiaggro decks. So wtf Blizzard!

  10. No need to pay 5 mana to give all your totems +3 attack for 1 turn when you can pay 0 mana and give them +2 attack permanently.

  11. I think the demon Hunter cards this expansion have really beautiful design, they completely go with the other cards in demon hunter and the overall class identity of making your opponent rage quit

  12. Yikes. DH might be the new auto concede like priest currently is. Hand disruption going to make this UN FUN.

  13. So DH basically makes every deck that has 1~2 core cards unwinnable against them and has to go down to their tempo, face, aggro level. I don't know what Blizz is thinking but this doesnt look good at all.

  14. Why would you play pen Flinger in Hunter with Rapid shot when you can simply play thalnos or whatever source of spell damage? This is not why it exists. You want to play it in a deck that also benefits from its battlecry outside of face damage, like Underbelly Ooze Libram Paladin for instance.

  15. Magehunter be like:
    Mage card ❌
    Hunter card ❌
    Mage/hunter dual class card ❌
    Demon hunter card ✅

  16. Felosophy is going to support the new aggro little demons DH. May have use in a Scrap Imp deck too.

  17. Blizzard can't keep me hyped for a game for more than 4 months. They always trip on their own shoelaces making mistakes a billion dollar company shouldn't make (Like glide and brig).

  18. Cant wait to play demon hunter on ladder this expansion, im going to get so many friend request yay!

  19. Mage Hunter card will be strong againist edwin and egg cards if rogue and warlock have play in this expansion

  20. I'm crying looking at all these classes getting card draw while my boi Uther has none 🙁

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