CRAZY SHAMAN LEGENDARY!! Soul Fragments: OP or Not? | Scholomance Review #11 | Hearthstone

A bunch of new Scholomance Academy cards have been revealed! Here are my detailed thoughts and star ratings for each new card.

Quick Reviews: 24:35

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Card Review | Hearthstone | Scholomance Academy Card Review #11


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24 thoughts on “CRAZY SHAMAN LEGENDARY!! Soul Fragments: OP or Not? | Scholomance Review #11 | Hearthstone

  1. Corridor creeper was the first card that I thought about as well, seeing the devout pupil. It doesn't even have to be in hand to get discounted. For priest it is also very good because spells targeting the hero itself will also reduce the cost.

  2. The demon hunter and warlock legendary looks so good, especially for demon hunter. They will most likely play the 1 mana guy already, and if they even play a single one of their soul fragment shuffle cards, the legendary already becomes a 7 mana 11/11. Not looking bad at all xD

  3. My one concern with this soul fragment mechanic is that there is very little downside to any of the cards. The pay off cards are very strong and it is really unlikely that if you have played any soul fragment generator that they won't be active. The generators are all solid stats or solid power level spells and since they shuffle 2 fragments each it is very unlikely that you will draw them all before you play a payoff card. The only check I can see is that it will be difficult to make a face deck using the pay off cards as most of the generator cards are control oriented, apart from (of course) the DH weapon which worries me.

  4. Soul Fragment would be a weak package to run in Demon Hunter, assuming you run Skull, you risk not reducing/discounting a card because you drew a Soul Fragment. Does not seem worth risking currently.
    Depending on any non revealed Soul Fragment cards, Demon Hunter has no need to run these cards.

  5. Mmmm yes more power for my pure paladin deck on a real note excited to see more of the soul shards looks like a fun mechanic

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