Curator is BROKEN | Firebat Battlegrounds | Hearthstone

Seriously. Insane
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25 thoughts on “Curator is BROKEN | Firebat Battlegrounds | Hearthstone

  1. I will post this ONE more time:

    Wouldn't it be great if we could clone Firebat. Think about it, instead of finding new young hearthstone YouTubers, we stick with the same handsome, hilarious gamer James "Firebat" Kostesich. We make an endless amount of them for different channels. They can take turns making gamer videos, but also branch out to other projects, such as skits, tutorials, anime, and gay porn. He's a perfect fit for each kind of video! They could even split into new professions, like acting and pornography. Even beyond videos, the Firebats would be entertaining to watch themselves as VLOGS. A life in the Firebat dreamhouse where all the handsome nerdy clones live, embarrassing each other and spewing useless facts about children's' card games, and having drama over what Firebats are sleeping with whom. All these goofs bouncing their mellow energy and 300 IQ knowledge would be fantastic. Imagine 1,000 Firebats talking at once. Forget all the other lose YouTubers, we just need Firebat. I'm thinking we start with 15 Firebat at first and build from there.
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  2. Battlegrounds is pretty awful to watch, and it's almost literally all the content for HS right now.

    I'm just excited for the new expansion to push this shit under the rug.

  3. Curator is actually one of the weakest. Really funny seeing the dichotomy between Firebat and Toast's audience.

  4. I think a simple nerf would be to make the 1/1 amalgam simply a 0/1. Doesn’t add free wins in early game but still allows for the super easy and strong menagerie gameplay.

  5. You know what else is broken? Youtube's new layout. Just stop improving things, Youtube.

  6. While curator is indeed strong what made fireball snowball this game was his insane rng lol. He hit almost exactly the minions he wanted when he wanted them and got double lightfang early :p

  7. Hey mr.edditor can I ask a favor ? When fire cat has a terrible hair day can you photo shop it perfectly ?

  8. I was playing curator yesterday and accidentally sold the 1/1 amalgam instead of a cat, I just instantly quit lol

  9. Just played against a curator who had sold his amalgam… Guess who dropped early. Well not everybody watches pro streamers play this game. Takes a few games to realize whats good and whats not.

  10. Hold on, so the Cave Hydra is a beast… but a Hydra is a dragon…
    why isn’t it a dragon?

  11. This game was honestly just a high roll, Firebat made a lot of poor decisions when it came to positioning. Doesn't matter when you have double early enforcer though

  12. Raise your hand if you've NEVER seen lightwarden, ever. I'm lucky if I pick a murloc and see another one.
    Edit, 20 games never seen hydra either. Gotta be a youtuber I guess.

  13. End music plays
    Me: confused because AFKay is left
    And then AFKAy dies to the bot….wow.

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