CURSED DECK, DO NOT WATCH | Hearthstone Murloc Paladin | Ashes of Outland Decks

What to say about Murloc Paladin. It’s very fun, can blow people away, and 100% CURSED!

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You want easy tribal fun? Look no further than this balling Hearthstone Murloc Deck! Murloc Paladin! Chat was claiming it was just a bad Mech Paladin but we strictly disagree. Paladin Hearthstone has always had good tribal synergies (well apart from Librams… think instead on Mech Paladin) and we fully think that Hearthstone Murloc Paladin is the Best Deck of this type anywhere right now in the Ashes of Outland Hearthstone Meta. Hearthstone 2020 is a quickly evolving place so Herthstone Murloc Paladin will need to keep tweaking itself to remain a relevant against the Best Ashes of Outland Decks.

Ranking it against the Best Standard Decks that we on Channel One have played recently, this Ashes of Outland Paladin Deck is definitely up there but Murloc Paladin blows too hot or cold (as our Hearthstone Gameplay shows) to count as the Best Hearthstone Deck, though it’s low legendary count make it an excellent Budget Standard Deck to race up the HS ladder with.

Let us know in the comments below what you think the Hearthstone Best Decks 2020 are and we will play them! Even if you don’t think that they are the Best Decks we’ll still play them and enjoy all the good stuff that Ashes of Outlands gave us! See you later!


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