Cygames Broke The Game (Machina Blood)| Rotation | World Uprooted Deck + Gameplay 【Shadowverse】

The mini-expansion for World Uprooted is out! Decided to make showcase a deck I think is going to be strong in this meta, which is Machina Blood. Lot’s of decks to test out but something like this seems to be a winner.

I don’t know why they printed Ravening Corruption, but it’s absolutely bonkers in both Machina and Natura Blood Decks. Being able to Natura Al’Machinus your opponent’s leader is kinda op and the random pings can be very frustrating RNG wise and annoying.

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21 thoughts on “Cygames Broke The Game (Machina Blood)| Rotation | World Uprooted Deck + Gameplay 【Shadowverse】

  1. Am I the only one that doesn't like Ravening Corruption in Machina Blood? I feel like it's too gimmicky at times because there isn't enough Evo points at times.

  2. Well, at least this monstruocity of deck rotates out in a month, lets just hope for it to not be the only thing we encounter on ladder until then.

  3. I saw in japanese post, the machina shadow is lot stronger right now is just fun to have aenea at turn 4

    Can you make video of that and give your opinion mr jordude?

  4. i like the metal blade demon addition but not the ravening corruption, i play garnet waltz since its very flexible

  5. Great Video as alyways i feel like the best way to fix this Problem is to remove the Fanfare deal x damage of Nam. Im would not like if they remove the face dmg because it should support the natura/Burn/Control blood.

    Have you seen this draw Bloodcraft deck with basicly just draw cards and io, nerea for clear its kinda funny because they are Deck out at turn 8 many Times.

  6. Is there a good shadowcraft machina deck with the new expansion? Has shadowcraft a chance now VS machina bloodcraft or Natura dragoncraft?

  7. Yoooo it's a faster valdain! Lmaooo I wish I had the vials for it. I'm using burn blood. The flexibility makes me happy. Idk if it's gotten any tools during the mini expansion tho…

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