Day[9]'s Day Off - Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition P5

Today I’m going to hone my skills and then dive right back into some Age of Empires 2 multiplayer games.

If you missed my other playthrough, check it out here:

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27 thoughts on “Day[9]'s Day Off — Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition P5

  1. There are other civs that can make elephants, granted Battle Elephants are a bit weaker, but they are cheaper and build from stables, India can even make elephant archers, Khmer also has ballista elephants if you ever wanted to throw a scorpion on an elephant.

  2. Love this game Day9. Would LOVE to see some command and conquer generals. Played that game nonstop as a kid. Selection of games lately has been top notch

  3. I really hope that Day9 does a coop of this game with a few other streamers on his level…maybe TrumpHS for example. I'd love to see a 2v2 of this!

  4. Somebody probably told you, but your opponents have been saying GG before surrendering, so, not only in the second match did you not GG back, but then began spamming voice commands ("Sure, Blame it on your ISP") — that's probably why he called you garbage.

  5. Day9, would love to see you and T90Official do a best of 5 show match with Dave casting! I could be convinced to put some money toward that show.

  6. Classic hotkeys are more spread but easier to remember, they are more similar to the first starcraft

  7. Watching this series has made my current isolation in quarantine so much more than bearable <3 Thank you so much for just being this amusing and life-affirming (":

  8. @Day9TV Check out Khmer : they have elephant unique units with ballistas on their backs. They also have useful defensive bonuses… They even get an other elephant unit with a spear

  9. "What an agro Donk!" LOL ^.^ <3 PS!!! ALSO!!! select all idle villagers is a hotkey in the keybinds menu!!! someone tell him if you read this.

  10. Shift dot to select all idle villagers. You also have a select all land units (sc2 f2) key. Just look around in the hotkey settings

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