Deck Doctor Lite - Pretty Decent Aggro Rogue | Firebat Hearthstone

I wanted to just showcase a couple games from this deck without showing the whole thing. Let me know what you think about the shorter format w/ out the full doctor.
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41 thoughts on “Deck Doctor Lite — Pretty Decent Aggro Rogue | Firebat Hearthstone

  1. I definitely like the longer deck doctors, but at the rate you've been releasing them ever since parting with Omni I'll take them however they come, easily my favorite Firebat series.

  2. I prefer the long ones a lot because of hearing why you add/remove cards. Maybe add timestamps/ annotations for people who want to skip ahead and not see that stuff?

  3. Can someone please explain the standard rotation…its confusing as hell and i dont know when shit will move to wild. I dont wanna craft the wrong thing.

  4. I like the longer ones the more loses the better. I live to see firebat try to save a dead person

  5. I like the longer ones personally cause seeing the whole process is more valuable to me. It gives ideas on how a person change alter a deck based off performance.

  6. That wasn't really a doctoring. This was like a hypochondriac going to the doctor insisting they have cancer and the doctor can tell within a minute that they're fine. The deck is just decent, nothing to fix really

  7. I'll watch anything so you can effectively ignore my feedback but I prefer the longer ones.

  8. the druid healed for a total of 36 life (12 from hidden oasis, twice 7 from the ferocious howls, twice 5 fom the steel beetles). on top of this, Firebat sank 14 damage of weapons into taunts (5 and 4 health respectively) and the druid summoned two more 4/4 taunts from cenarius right at the end. Firebat got him down to 16 life by the end, so he did a total of 64 damage during that one game, not counting trades to non-taunts (and 4 more to the taunt treat at the end)

  9. Short ones are okay if longer one still comes out when relevant. Workshop the title "lite" is easy to miss maybe "deck medic"?

  10. Am I crazy or is this basically the same tempo list before Descent but with Flybooter and Felwing?

  11. That druid played so well. I am amazed how skillful was his deck. Playing fullclear or 3-4 rush minions every turn requires tons of iq

  12. I like the longer videos, but I understand that it’s much more to edit, so you could do something like have a this type of video and then a link to the unedited vod of the deck so people can choose.

  13. I like deck doctors that show reasoning about card choices, testing, refining and then next reasoning. The small clips cut from longer more unstructured play sessions do not hit these beats reliably for me, so they feel more like firebat just tinkering with some memes and we get to randomly look in.

  14. i love seeing the process of you making the deck in whole and your reason for adding/removing cards

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