DEEP FREEZE FOR FREE!! Cheating Out BIG Spells in Control Mage! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

With a powerful new big spell in Deep Freeze, it seems like a slow version of Mage with tons of value and ways to play discounted spells is perfect to grind out some long wins.


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Deck Spotlight | Hearthstone | DEEP FREEZE FOR FREE!! Cheating Out BIG Spells in Control Mage!


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33 thoughts on “DEEP FREEZE FOR FREE!! Cheating Out BIG Spells in Control Mage! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. I ran sathrovarr in my highlander mage pre ashes and damn that card won me so many games that were close. Never get played now, usually was able to coin it out and zephys 1 cost it with lunas, or renojackson it, and alot of time benefit off the 0 cost dragons from alexstrasa. It added insane value alot of times.

  2. I hate that puzzle box, play and pray cards….. and renos been Killing me latley with his random spells.

  3. I always have the same problem have with duplicate decks, you run out of cards or get stuck with high cost cards and little value, at leas for the mage so far.

  4. 14:06 sapping the tortollan was the only thing he could do, regis presented lethal with his 5 damage ping + normal mage hero power. Wasn't a misplay on his part he already lost at that point

  5. Usually i'm here for the decks and the gameplay but… okay now my priority is the meme intro. 😀

  6. I feel like Deep Freeze is just SOOOOOO slow… maybe would be better if it freezes 2 random enemy targets would be a lot better.
    I mean, i like the option to freeze face, in this pure aggro meta its very useful, But its an 8 mana investment that only really works if you aren't behind on the board. Still pretty cool card

  7. "I think opinions are overrated, and data is underrated." — Well that's just like, your opinion, man.

    Seriously though Regis, I wish more people thought like that.

  8. In my deck i run reno for clear and jaina to overwrite hero power after a few turns

  9. Hey, it's yet another example of face hunter being uninteractive and unfun: "Oh your deck isn't a healbot deck that loses to everything except face hunter? GG"

  10. I just enchanted maiev cause I thought it was gonna be a genius idea… I have no idea of how to make a deck around her

  11. What was that robot voice at 3:30? That was random.

    I love your attitude towards the game. Everyone should play what's fun instead of playing facedecks.

  12. FYI you have a Galakrond tracker active on your HSReplay overlay (looks like a tan dragon image, with numbers)

  13. With all that spell damage wouldn't Blast Wave have a place in the deck ? Except if it rotated out of course.

  14. I hate that fucking cat… every single time I ask him, GIMME ANY REBORN CARD IT WILL BE GOOD! Just don't get me a… COLOSSUS OF THE MOON ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING WITH ME YOU STUPID CAT THIS IS THE 4 TIME IN A ROW!!!!!!!!

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