DEMON HUNTER DOMINATES ARENA?! [P. 1/2] - Hearthstone, Ashes of Outland

Amaz tries arena for the first time in new expac!
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31 thoughts on “DEMON HUNTER DOMINATES ARENA?! [P. 1/2] — Hearthstone, Ashes of Outland

  1. Amaz, they nerfed this 5 demon.
    Also very funny run, i legit laughed all the time

  2. Amaz: technically acknowledges that Demon Hunter's power level is too high
    Also Amaz: "1 mana 2/1 deal 1 damage and 2 mana 3/5 rush after dormant for 2 turns is constructed playable"
    Me: lmao

  3. Arena is so broken right now with DH. It's unplayable for me. DH reveal as a whole has been a mess. I commend them on already nerfing some cards but that won't address arena as on average DH cards are almost all over and above other cards.

  4. DH must compete with other class which has gotten a lot of sets thus DH's cards must be (arguably) a bit better. But for arena, it's not 'a bit' lol…
    I think the best option is to exclude DH from arena.

  5. how to win: draft demon hunter.
    out tempo your opponent by turn 6, then draw half your entire deck still going face.

    big taunt minion?

  6. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I'm shocked _ BEST HS PLAYER EVER, I love you're back Amaz; I hope it's for good

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