Demon Hunter Initiate Program: Learning the Basics | Standard | Hearthstone

Trump is here to teach you all (or most) there is to know about playing Hearthstones newest class: the Demon Hunter!
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30 thoughts on “Demon Hunter Initiate Program: Learning the Basics | Standard | Hearthstone

  1. They are the blind ones but you're the one who wants to gouge his eyes out of their sockets.

  2. good video. what ruined me last night was a quest priest i just couldnt burst him down in time. But enjoying the class. shame i couldnt get the free deck but. I have fuck all cards wouldve been fun to have a good deck for another class beside my galakrond warrior. would like somehting different

  3. itd be nice if you did more of these teachings videos, yno to help the nooobs not that i am a noob, obviously i am a pro who has all the cards of course im not a noob yes

  4. The DH already has been nerfed within 2 days, more to come. What a joke…..

  5. Don't worry children, they nerfed it already. You can all go back to playing your slow af value decks again. Dry those tears.

  6. Redo the video. They just nerfed a bunch of cards for demon hunter. Its out of date already.

  7. Anyone else having a glitch with Skull of guldan costing 6 mana and eye beam costing 1 even on outcast?

  8. Hey! Does anyone experience a bug while playing Demon Hunter? Every spell cost 1 more, like Eye Beam cost 1 even though it is on hlthe outside
    Also Skull of Gul'dan cost 6, and the number is in red, which means the game knowd it costs 1 more.. can someone help??

  9. Don't know why everyone is complaining about everyone using Demon Hunter, it's a new character what do you expect!

  10. Man I can´t wait for the other classes to get released!
    What´s that? They are already out?! Why don´t I see any of them?

  11. im a total noob to hearthstone, so im glad im not the only one who thinks demon hunter is unbelievably, ridiculously, irrationally OP

  12. "Should you ever find yourself against a demon hunter."

    You mean there are other classes?

  13. I feel so guilty when I play demon hunter but I also like to win 🙁

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