Demon Hunter Is Getting Nerfed ft. Zalae | Firebat Hearthstone |  Ashes of Outland

Played some Demon Hunter w/ Zalae and this is getting nerfed for sure. In fact they announced it was getting nerfed already.
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32 thoughts on “Demon Hunter Is Getting Nerfed ft. Zalae | Firebat Hearthstone | Ashes of Outland

  1. Saw the deck two days ago on stream and got diamond 10 in no time with about 90% win rate xD

  2. Has nobody realized there's ANOTHER OTK DH deck. It is worse imo, but i havent seen it played at all. You need 2 of the minions that deal 3 damage when something dies and 1 of cards that summon 6 illidari with rush. You'll only summon 5 illidari but will do 30 damage

  3. Skull of Guldan, so fucking strong I wonder why it wasn't a LEGENDARY spell. 5 mana, draw 3 and reduce their cost by 3.

    The fuck!? It LITERALLY pays itself off and more with a 9 mana discount for 5…even wihtout the discount it's overpowered…LOOK AT SPRINT, what the actual fuck is wrong with blizzard's design team!?

  4. It'd be cool if you guys don't randomly put stuff in the video name that you don't spend any time discussing in the video.

  5. -Announce broken cards
    -Entice people to buy packs
    -Nerf the broken cards after everyone has given Blizzard their money

  6. This reminds me of my sweet quest rogue, I went almost 100% winrate to legend with that one too, it's actually fun to play with new expantions mostly because of Blizzard's incompetence

  7. Nourish: Basic card. * meh *
    Skull of Guldan: Initiate set. * OMG It's happening. STAY CALM! *

  8. Skull of guldan is the most incompetently designed card in the fucking game. It should be "reduce their cost by 1" at most, not 3. Get your shit together blizzard.

  9. "What we don't have is weaknesses"
    I dare you to play this deck in Wild and they will show you what 'weakness' is lol

  10. People who play DH are the same braindead c**ts that played Galakrond Shaman and Pirate Warrior, no-brain cancerous knobs who need broken support-wheels to be able to win. Yeah, you know who you are. Choke on bat-flu.

  11. I unenchanted my golden skull of guldan for 800!!!! Dusting golden rares should only be 100 but when I saw that shit I straight dust busted that thang thang. More for stealth rogue crafting. fuck secret rogue my shadow bois haven't lost a game yet vs DH builds

  12. This is some of the biggest incompetence from Blizzard I have ever seen. You find out your cards are nerfed after you start playing games. And they happily took your money.

  13. Demon hunter is a complete bore. This expansion is turning out to be straight up trash. I’m not going to play mirror matches all day….looks like do quest and leave.

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