DEMON HUNTER vs Regis Killbin | Standard | Hearthstone

Here are some more games with my Demon Hunter deck! This time against the glorious Regis!

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♬ Kevin MacLeod
♬ Ronald Jenkees


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44 thoughts on “DEMON HUNTER vs Regis Killbin | Standard | Hearthstone

  1. Blizzard doesnt make charge minions cuz its a "dangerous mechanic",instead lets make as many as possible cards where your opponent cant interact with them at all(stealth)

  2. I really wish there was some way I could express my gratitude towards the editor. I feel as though saying "I'm grateful for Jenz" doesn't amount to anything at worst, only does so much at best.

  3. GSP v Tony at WW. Why? Gsp is always snitching around to be Main Event on PPV to make shit $$$. This is his chance. And Tony ain't gonna accept to fight nobody as replacement, except big big names like GSP

  4. Can anyone tell me how the fuck these people are playing with the new cards when the expansion isn't even out

  5. i almost never watch any twitch streams, but i happened to be there for regis talking about the donut lmao

  6. editor did a great job highlighting trump and regis' wildly different personalities

  7. These streamer vs streamer videos are super fun, perhaps someone in the community could propose a "online streamer championship". Just saying… xD

  8. Is it possible that mindbreaker and saboteur cards are useful to count demonhunter with minions that destroy his weapon ?

  9. a load of people are complaining about the demon hunter class and how its overpowered, but there are a few things that they are forgettign about

    1. You should never assume a classes power level by seeing it in the first week or so and these test games by streamers are no different, all of them are trying things out and doing weird things, so their data isn't reliable

    2. recently the hearthstone team has been doing updates and balance patches often and frequently, so even if demon hunter is unbalanced now, i feel like its quite likely there will be a change. i would not have said this a year ago but now i feel like balance updates are to be expected rather than considered a rarity.

    3. While yes they seem very powerful in aggro, their midgame seems middle of the road compared to other classes, apart from outstanding cards like antean, which still give up a lot of tempo, and their control is not incredible in anyway. control decks liek priest, warrior and possibly warlock seem really set to crush them into the groundd this expansion especially with the priest buffs.

    4. thye dont have cards like galakrond or single tons, quests or side quests, which are really strong. Its my expectation that cards will be powerful now only to tone them down later as demon hunters get more cards. I would rather a new class be top tier, than garbage thats just not fun. and remember if they are overpowered i more than anticipate balance changes within about 2 weeks possibly a bit longer.

  10. these pre update youtuber v youtuber battles are the best part of HS
    it's like a mini tournament arc

  11. hye guys i want you to watch this video till the end

    search in youtube Learn How To Control Your Mind (USE This To BrainWash Yourself)

  12. Trump you messed up on turn 3 because you drew first, you even said it in your card review to draw at the END even if you topdeck it

  13. I feel like Dh runs out of steam rather quickly. idk if he will survive vs heavy control.

  14. I just came back to this game to try DH, this mid range is super strong without having to rely on lucky pulls. DH is my new fav class.

  15. Ysknow, when hearthstone first came out one of my complaints was that I couldn't reorganize my hand since it's something I like to do with allot of CCGs and TCGs. I guess Outcast is why even though they said they weren't going to add a new class back then.

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