Demon Hunter.

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23 thoughts on “Demon Hunter.

  1. Just a happy little meme, the "normal" daily videos will still be published like normal in the next few hours 🙂


  2. Demon Hunter class feels too op right now…. turn with 2 taunts and 2 medium minions and still demon hunter does so much damage not only to clear the board but also to win the match……. great job Blizzard

  3. People always say "if the new class is too weak then nobody will play it, so it has to be a LITTLE stronger". Haha, fuck that shit, I quit, I'll find new card games. Since Demon Hunter came out, Hearthstone was no longer fun.

  4. When your against demon hunter if u have an out use the out.. plain and simple demon hunter is op so use alll your outs cuz more than likely theyll have an answer saving cards just gets u killed.

  5. People still denying it, 'cause they' ve reached legend rolling the face against the keyboard, but this shit still unbalanced, even with Thijis being greed

  6. It’s funny reading all the replies from salty dh players who are so shit at the game that they’re still stuck in gold, replying to all the comments trying to claim that DH isn’t broken even though the statistics literally show that it’s the most played class with the highest most consistent win rate since it’s release 🙃

  7. always assume demon hunter can do 5 damage to everyting and another 5 damage to face minimum

  8. Well GG to any DH noob players. You are all cheap and stupid noobs who think that they are good players AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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