DESTROYING THE META! This Demon Hunter Deck is BROKEN! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

Day 1 of the expansion is currently LIVE and we are attempting to make a midrange Demon Hunter deck work. Not only does it work, but it feels SO incredibly strong. Too early to tell if it’s meta-defining but for now, it feels preeeeetty overpowered!

Decklist: AAECAea5AwaEpwPMugPDvAPtvgPaxgP41gMM/bADi7oDyboD17sD5rsDmb0DusYDx8YD2cYD18gD98gDnMkDAA==

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Deck Spotlight | Hearthstone | Could OP Midrange Demon Hunter BREAK The Meta?!!


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35 thoughts on “DESTROYING THE META! This Demon Hunter Deck is BROKEN! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. 10 plays I did since the Phoenix event and I'm already tired of all this. 9 games on 10 were against DH and I played with also good cards and all but I got 6 losses just cause of op cards that have no sense.

    For choice I refuse to use demon hunter cause my goal is playing classes I like.

    The thing is that DH is just has broken mechanics that other classes don't have. It is Op for this reason, not because it is aggressive. Classes need to share mo basic mechanic and be different in specific mechanics.

    It's a strategy game: for each thing there's a thing that counter it.
    A class who uses a lot of weapons can be slowed by putting a lot of taunt minions, right? If you create a card then that allow your attacks to bypass taunt guys you literally break the game system. That'op
    And so on …but this is one of the thing that make me think DH is just a class for kids who wanna win all with no effort and brain. Cool. I won't play it ever.

  2. doing great with this deck, but made a couple cuts:
    -Siamat is appeared to be too heavy, swapped him with 3/5 taunt and lifesteal
    -Maiev is pretty bad against DH match-ups (which are most of the ladder right now), swapped with 4/2 that summons 2/2 when you attack

  3. I just got back after a long long break and had like 15k dust waiting on me. I know people said don't craft this just yet cause it could get nerfed but I said screw it lmao. I started fresh in bronze and I've gone 13-1 so far. I'm sitting at Gold rank 7 at the moment.

  4. Wooow, another “exciting” set of hearthstone cards. The only people who will like this year are aggro tards… so boring.

  5. Did no mage at all Call in yet for Chaosnova to be nerfed ? sorry 2 LEss mana compared to Flamestrike ?? wth was Blizz thinking

  6. Will this strategies attract more HS player to play again? Yes, but very short amount of time. They should realize the whole HS is becoming DM vs DM… this needs nerf

  7. I've only played against demon hunter and I'm pretty sure it's borked not 100% sure but literally everyone is playing demon hunter and res priest

  8. you do get the golden legendary, saw it when i scrolled through the collection, it was just there, didnt get that one in any pack

  9. Regis how do you want to crush the meta with dh which has 70% win ratio right now :p he IS the meta.

  10. "Beating one of the best decks with a day one unrefined deck"
    Crazy right? It's almost like they made DH broken beyond immagination

  11. I played Trump’s version of this yesterday and even with a bunch of misplays still had an 80% wr out of 20 games

  12. I can correct the title of this video for you : Demon Hunter is broken! There

  13. I have played 34 games with this deck and i have only lost three times, really recomend trying it out

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