Detailed Hearthstone Deck Tracker Tutorial

A more in-depth tutorial about how to use the Hearthstone Deck Tracker


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16 thoughts on “Detailed Hearthstone Deck Tracker Tutorial

  1. My problem is that I have all the interface stuff on my screen, like my deck list is next to me as i play and all the other stuff, but it's not tracking it when i get in game.

    How do I make it work :(?

  2. how do i manually select a deck? i have the option "Auto Deck Select" on, but it doesnt do anything, when i go into a constructed game i see on the right side only the cards that i draw. i have my deck in HSDT build and every card is correct but in the lower left corner it says no deck selected :/

  3. Does hearth stone have to be full screen or something. Mine is getting everything wrong from putting wrong cards in decks, telling me i played the wrong cards, and sometimes just not tracking at all.

  4. I can't import decks from constructed. Every time I click on IMPORT FROM GAME: CONSTRUCTED (BETA) it just shows me the guide again, but the guide tells me to click on that.

  5. After reinstalling the deck tracker, my and oponet's decklists overlay are wider than before and cover the "end turn" button, timers and stuff. I found the option to change their size horizontally but not vertically. Is there any way to do it?

  6. How to remove the stats under all the cards? It has 2 little boxes, one with how many cards you have in your hand and deck, and the other one with a few %. I hope you can help me 🙂

  7. how do i get the hearthstone deck tracker to open when i open hearthstone? i dont want to have to open both myself it should have an option to open when i open hearthstone, call me lazy but i am using the deck tracker so idc.

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