Diablo 2 - All of the Level 85 areas in the Game

Showcasing all of the level 85 areas in Diablo 2. This video was requested video during one of my streams. Hope you guys enjoyed it!

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37 thoughts on “Diablo 2 — All of the Level 85 areas in the Game

  1. I had an mf barb once and found an soj from Andy.
    Areatt's face from Baal. Silks from Diablo. I heard there is some extra hidden magical level you can go to after lvl 90 to find anni and bk rings.

  2. Can you explain why I find ilvl 85 items like a 4os wire fleece in the crystalline passage (ilvl82) If people keep saying monsters drop only the ilvl equal to them?

  3. 5:07 — I've been running AT for some time (currently 325 runs in) and I can see that there is no such thing as "min # of boss packs". Here it is stated that it is 6, but I am constantly seeing like 3-4, even had 2 once. 7 and 8 can also happen. I don't recall what was the average on my prime map (probably at least 6), but now I am struggling to get an average of 5.0-5.2.

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