Diablo 2: Andariel Bug, Drop Comparison (WORTH IT!?)

A comparison of drop rates for the Andariel Bug in Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. 99 Runs with the bug and 99 runs without, at zero magic find in normal difficulty to really expose the base difference in the game mechanics.
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33 thoughts on “Diablo 2: Andariel Bug, Drop Comparison (WORTH IT!?)

  1. Just to be very clear, many of you don't seem to listen to or believe what I say — the following series of actions ALSO triggers the Andariel bug:
    Kill her, go home through YOUR portal, talk to EVERYONE in town, travel east, talk to EVERYONE in town there, go to the sewers, then save and exit. Boom, Andariel bug triggered. The "don't use your own portal" and "don't talk to anyone" stuff is nonsense. It's just not true and I tried all kinds of variants to not trigger the bug.
    The only important factor is to talk to Warriv after you killed her, BEFORE you safe and exit.
    Cheers guys!

  2. No drops at all from normal bugged Andarial? thats funny 😀 but what about the other day when i did the first kill on Durial in hell mode on my assassin and he dropped …. 6 scrolls of teleport (only)

  3. On normal theres not that much reason to worry about it. On hell difficulty and even nightmare, being able to double the unique drop chances is sooooo worth it. Either way its easy enough to do.

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