Diablo 2 - Complete Soundtrack

Music from the video game Diablo 2 from 2000, by Blizzard
Music by Matt Uelmen


Musique du jeu vidéo diablo 2 de 2000, par Blizzard
Musique de Matt Uelmen

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Tracks :
00:00 — Monastery
06:01 — Rogue
10:48 — Cave
14:50 — Wilderness
22:52 — Tristram
30:32 — Crypt
34:18 — Tombs
39:52 — Harem
43:38 — Toru
46:42 — Desert
53:03 — Maggot
55:32 — Sewer
59:30 — Docks
1:01:40 — Jungle
1:09:10 — Kurast
1:14:24 — Spider
1:18:26 — Temple
1:23:00 — Mephisto
1:28:01 — Hell
1:33:26 — Leoric
1:36:34 — Outtake 1
1:38:32 — Outtake 2
1:40:55 — Outtake 3


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27 thoughts on “Diablo 2 — Complete Soundtrack

  1. First 10 seconds and I'm 16 again, booting this up release day with my friend. We wouldn't /couldn't stop playing until we had beaten the game. One sitting, too many caffeine drinks, not enough food and a few near miss bio breaks later we had achieved our goal and cemented a memory we'd compare so many following release days to.

  2. I remember really liking Diablo 2 until a new patch came out that queered over all the synergies & shit all over the skill tree character specs & nerfed the fuck out of the enchantress fire set…I wanted to throw my computer monitor through a window & pull the CD out & wipe my ass with it & burn it as a shit fire on whoever made that calls; porch… but I managed to barely hold myself back.

  3. Such nostalgia. I played when i was a complete noob all the way to the dupe and glitched itens. Even sold some of that shit on ebay. Such fun times

  4. The one thing Blizzard will fck up in D4 is the presentation. They are going again for a huge scale, big open MMO style world. A heroic journey like in D3. It shouldn't be that. The bigger areas in D2 were always there to screw with you. Not for graphical presentation. They were huge and varied every time, but there was this feeling that your goal is just around the corner. In a2 and a3 you were desperately trying to find the next quest or a waypoint in order not to lose progress. You could get lost in the wrong cave assuming that is always the same direction or run in the wrong direction, with low health and no healing items. You felt dread of getting overwhelmed by enemies. If it happened it was a taff decision to go get your gear from your corpse or start a new game. When you got tired from all the running, you could always work on your gear with gems and runewords. You felt like an underdog. A gifted and strong one, but mortal.
    Of course pros rush it today at the same speed as bots, but the first experience always stays with you. I wish that the devs work on athmosphere in D4, not in a colorscheme way (is it dark enough for you D2 plebs?), but in the way of generating these feelings.

  5. Va a explotar todo.
    No hoy, por supuesto. Algún día.
    Yo espero tener mi Millenium Falcon, al menos 15 días antes…

  6. Nothing made me shit myself like coming up to an elite that's immune to everything you can throw at it while praying that your followers physical Pierce can deal with it. It wasn't so bad with all the runewords but when youre a fresh char trying to blitz hell, makes your bumhole tense up

  7. holy shit compare this masterpiece to diablo 3 soundtrack there are no memorable soundtracks in that game. not. fucking. one. gg blizzard you fucking cunts

  8. Bought this game on launch and loved it so much, definitely my all-time favorite game. Played it for a couple years and still come back to it now and again because it's just that awesome. So sad that Blizzard North never got to finish their Diablo 3 (fuck you Vivendi!), an all time bummer, but hope they release a remastered version someday. D4 looks interesting but if it's made by Blizzard (South) again then it'll probably suck like their D3 did. Recommend any D1/D2 fans read "Stay A While and Listen" by David Craddock, which is an awesome recounting of the people who were involved in making Diablo 1. Hope he makes a sequel for the D2 development!

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