Diablo 2 complete walkthrough part 1 of 1. Lord of Destruction (LoD) v. 1.07 (2001)

All waypoints and quests. Assassin levels 1-30. Normal difficulty. Including all cinematics and dialogue.
Expert walkthrough, fast run, not a noob/first-timer
Using v. 1.07, which is having old-style skill system without synergies. I’m also using 3dfx glide emulation for best picture and FPS (DIrect3D is running bad). Perspective and lightning is enabled. This is the best graphics settings for this game and best visuals you could get without modding. It also has a limit of 25 fps and the resolution of 800×600, so there is no reason to make 60 fps video. But I captured it in 1080p to get the best quality (1440×1080 px, because it uses 4:3 aspect ratio).

0:01 Act 1
1:51:28 Act 2
4:05:13 Act 3
5:53:32 Act 4
6:37:54 Diablo 2 ending cinematic
6:41:05 Act 5
8:31:23 Diablo 2 LOD ending cinematic

(If you’re searching diablo 2 cinematics or acts, timing is here:)

No commentary. PC, FullHD 30 fps, 1080p. i7-3770K, GTX 660
Using Windows 10 and OBS x264 to capture


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