Diablo 2 - Hell Assassin speedrun WORLD RECORD - 7:27:22

What a great Diablo 2 Lord of destruction assassin speedrun world record run!! There is still definitely a lot of time, most of which came from A4 being silly + levels + a couple of mistakes. I may re-run again because I see a 6:45 in the future if I run it right and get a bit luckier!

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22 thoughts on “Diablo 2 — Hell Assassin speedrun WORLD RECORD — 7:27:22

  1. Hey lama, just wondering, you know how the assassin has burst of speed to make you super fast, does the amazon or any other class have a similar skill?like paladin has charge.

  2. Can there be a diablo 2 speed run for rushing. Like a lvl 99 rushes a brand new account? Or like a really super optimized diablo 2 game over LAN, where maybe 7 people help a brand new account over LAN?

  3. When i was a kid i would play this game all day long. I was a bad player, cheating people in trades

  4. I’m curious: in the newer updates do you have to keep clicking the mouse in order to move, or can you press and hold the mouse? If the former, then I’m glad I never updated my game, though the music has me bathing in nostalgia.

  5. I find myself watching a lot of your old content here, since you are currently on vacation in Italy. Miss you 😭 -gregcrosv

  6. the level design the darkness i love this game, hopefully blizz does not fuk up D4.

  7. Hello everyone!
    I've written a small program to track progress in the HG502 challenge. You can view statistics for each type of equip and overall, as well as lists of found and remaining items. Works with .d2s, .d2x and .sss files (PlugY personal and shared stash). It is enough to specify the save directory of Diablo. Perhaps someone will be interested. https://github.com/artcom-net/hg502/releases

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