Diablo 2: Hero Editor guide - Make full legit offline characters.

*CLICK BELOW FOR LINKS* Thanks for watching 🙂 Hope this can be useful for those without endless supply of gear, who wants to say test out a Bow amazon build, but can’t afford the gear online!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvEgH1jCVXI *UPDATE 2019* See this link on how to make save’s work, and HOW to just download most of my offline builds Ive done — Its just much easier, than you to make your own builds. Short video also; dont worry.

Written guide (Just google Written hero editor guide Diablo 2 for more like this one): http://extreme-gamerz.org/diablo2/viewdiablo2/heroeditorguide

https://www.reddit.com/r/slashdiablo/comments/3s29id/reliable_hero_editor_to_test_out_builds/ Check out link here for the item pack I recommend — It has more items — I did scan this link as well after I opened it with winrar (This was tested some time ago, still make sure to scan afterwards.)
http://www.mediafire.com/file/u9mkur2u39varb4/D2Sanctuary+Item+Pack.rar Item packs download link *100% SAFE* — Windows defender full scan and Malware tested! (This was tested some time ago, still make sure to scan afterwards)


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37 thoughts on “Diablo 2: Hero Editor guide — Make full legit offline characters.

  1. i always got some error message whenever trying to run Hero Editor, there always some file missing although the file is in the folder… always got window with this following message

    [Component 'TABCTL32.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file missing or invalid]

    anyone can help????

  2. These items packs are great, but let's say I want to use a specific item (ex: Military Pick, Crown), socket it with Larzuk's quest, and add runes to it to make a runeword item. Are there any item packs I can use to import normal items like those? As opposed to unique or set items? For the runeword items available, I haven't seen an option to choose what item the runes are implanted in. Did I just miss it or something?

  3. Where did you get the version of the Editor where it says "For Diablo II LOD and NOX editing"? None of the editors I've downloaded work. Every time I try to just give any of my characters gold I get a generic file error or something when I try to load them. I'm on 1.14d right now and the site where I got the editor says it SHOULD work with 1.14d but it doesn't.

  4. Hi! Is it possible to create an Unidentified item? — With the random properties? For example i want shako but i want to identify it and obtain random stats… as if i caught it… well.. the truth is that i don't want to change the attributes just have the unid item… if i have to add atributes to all items ill be here a life time… Thank you!!

  5. Does this still work? All I want is a Windforce bow for my plugy SinglePlayer charactee if you could help!

  6. I will probbably wont get an anwser but i really want to ask. Is trere a posibility to get abit more usual item? I mean i'm playing as sum necro and i just want to add few rune words i can't make because they dotn exist in non leader for example: Spirit rune set. You see i am playing normaly and then i get an item and runes for it i want to add item i could make online and just drop all the items i colected. Like normal non cheat gameplay. So right now i have runes for insight for merch and runes for spirt for my nec. Just want to add those items but i can't seem to find them in game files. It only has top tier items in it. So question is: Can i add item to char i created in game itself, and can i find somewhere other not so much top tier items to add? just to keep my gameplay as cheat-free as possible in this scenario i want to play?

  7. Nothing like using a 3rd party editor to make a "completely legit" character! "Legitimately" bypassing grinding, finding gear, and other bothersome game mechanics!

  8. for D2 Lod on version 1.14D , i cant get anything i edited on my paladin to work or show up in game, though i did note that the version it only works wiht is up to 1.13, is there any work around or is the hero editor a waste to use now?

  9. Hello , i need help
    I installed hero editor v1.04, but when I enabled it, I got a message saying "do you want to continue?" Unknow stat found 256, Make sure your computer "regional and language options" is set for
    1 / regional options tab — select english
    2 / Advanced tab — select English
    3 / Advanced tab — select US-ASCII and 1 of IBM EBCDIC-US / Canada / UK
    I have switched my computer language to English (US)
    I also changed Hero Editor.exe> Compatibility (Windown XP (Service Pack 3) + Run this program as an administrator) however I still have the old condition
    I use Diablo 1.13 , Mod Median XL 1.3.2 and Hero Editor 1.04, operating system windown 10
    Please give me specific instructions, I am very thankful

  10. Thanks for the tutorial so glad i now know where to find saves (that was bugging me). one question: how do i edit my main character?

  11. I can't run any character after editing with Hero Editor after started using PlugY mod. Any help? I am making new char, exit the game and only thing I wanted to do is raise level and give skills to new character. And then the save seems corrupted or something.

    I can't also download and add characters from the internet

  12. Maybe im stupid or something but i cant get this to work. Im using median xl diablo 2 and the characters dont appear in the saves folder at all. I even did a file search of the whole computer and nothing appears with the character name. Anyone got this to work with median xl yet? Im talking about the single player part obviously, not trying to hack the online portion im not that dumb lol. Just wanna try out some builds before i commit to grinding like hell for the gear in multiplayer.

  13. Is this still up? I cant save the edited hero coz prompt says. "make sure file is not read only, and the character name is legal.

  14. i need help with downloading it.becouse when i try to open after downloading it says that files are missing even tho they're are there

  15. I’m only using this because my plugs soso got corrupted and I lost everything 🙁

  16. You don't need a item pack or anything, you can create any item you want in Hero editor, even put any overpowered stats you want. It's so easy to create items in hero editor it's not even funny.

  17. The only thing I want to do with a hero editor is to Deactivate the way point of halls of pain… do you know how to do that?

  18. Hi, is there any risk to editing in items with Hero Editor and putting those items in a shared plugy stash? I think I've read in the past it can corrupt files because the game can tell the item wasn't spawned from a monster or poppable but inserted through third-party software. Have any experience with this?

  19. I'm new to do this..Can i make my own Set items (Personalize Set Item Name) ? Thanks for the tutorial

  20. I dont have any save of my characters in save folder in pc , I bought cd key from blizzard and everything is fuck up if I compare with cd install..

  21. is there a way to download the hero editor? ive been trying all day to find one but all ive been able to find is one that has errors and wont download. any help is appreciated

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