Diablo 2: LoD (5-Player Co-op) Episode 1 - "Act I Part I"

Welcome to our 5-Player Co-op runthrough of Diablo II for the PC! We’re gonna do our best to go over as much of the game as possible, which can be difficult as much of it is randomly generated. I hope you all enjoy, here are the heroes accompanying me on this journey:

Blue (bluedemon):

Reid (Swarlos):

Kieran (xDeath_Sorc):

Paul (Gigatron):


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23 thoughts on “Diablo 2: LoD (5-Player Co-op) Episode 1 — "Act I Part I"

  1. never played Diablo before but I do love Blizzard and I know that this game will be nothing short of fantastic.

  2. This is going to be awesome! I remember a little bit about this game but have not actually played it.

  3. @MrMoneyBags51 well if this game bores you but you stil like this type of game try Balders Gate "or is it Baldurs etherway" its fun and you control a party of 6 and go and kill bandits and the story gets deeper sadly i think the internet servers aren't up anymore do to the fact its so old and wait if yo ulike these types of game you should already know about this game xD

  4. not gonna lie…..this is going to be a "unique" LP……. anything over 2 ppl for an LP can get hectic for commentary, and online makes reacting to each other messy too… -.- but i still love this idea 😀 im sure you'll pull it off

  5. I remember seeing this a few months ago… It took me a while to find this series of videos again.
    Note to self… Subscribe! (and I did).

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