Diablo 2 LOD Expansion: Fighting each 1-5 Act FInal Bosses

This is a gameplay of diablo 2 LOD expansion, of me using paladin and my barbarian to fight andariel, duriel, mephisto, diablo, and finally baal. Just wanted tosee how strong my characters are and using the bosses as the test was a great idea. Paladin seem to be able to find and defeat andariel, duriel and mephiso quickly, while i used barbarian for diablo and baal.

Diablo 2 LOD Expansion: Fighting each 1-5 Act FInal Bosses


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48 thoughts on “Diablo 2 LOD Expansion: Fighting each 1-5 Act FInal Bosses

  1. 8:22 

    doing Baal runs just mainly to kill them Minions of Destruction is probably the best way to get XP in the game 

  2. what is that aura that coming out of the heads of player and merc after killing baal?

    the lines coming out of player and merc's head? what is it?

  3. This was such a BOSS game on the time it was new to the pc world. I hope i can re create this game exactly as it was with better graphs when i have become better on the programming skills.

  4. kinda slow man try out a java zon, for real it kills Diablo with 1 hit, sometimes 2… oh those days

  5. I wonder how many burned cigarettes were produced during the making and playing of this game. This video makes the game look like one of today's rejects.

  6. They should make the next one in first person perspective. Because this map action is crazy and repetitive.

  7. This was the first "real" game I ever truly played. I became better than my father, who had played it for months already, within a week, and, by the time I was done and had moved on, I was on Hell difficulty. I'm pretty sure the repetitive, grindy nature of the game and the endless search for loot and customization laid the groundwork for my entire personality as a gamer and even me as a person. This game has so many memories in it I can't even name them all.

  8. That's badass that Baal is the boss of the game. He is a real demon for those who don't know.

  9. i tried Diablo 3 just last week, i noticed that the background music and noises and effects doesnt sound as dark or creepy/scary as Diablo 2, it just doesnt feel the same 🙁

  10. I don’t remember the game was that easy. Each boss took me at least 5 minutes to kill.

  11. remembering the bosses were so scary to me when i was little. So awesome.

  12. I never noticed this before but when you kill Baal is that supposed to be Tal Rasha's soul that's being released?

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